• Who are We
  • What We Believe
  • What We Do
  • Here And Now

Member Driven

Space Corps is a member driven organization with the expressed goal of:

  • Building organization with a long-term vision for the expansion of humankind across the stars
  • Continuously educating and inspiring the public mind about space, science and technology
  • Driving the development of space-based technology and engineering capabilities
  • Conducting manned and robotic space exploration
  • Enabling public access to space

A Shared Vision

We believe in a shared vision and a dream that takes humankind across our solar system and eventually the stars.  The long path to that destinations starts with all of us here and today.

How We Plan To Do It?

  • Inspire fellow dreamers
  • Build a passionate member corps
  • Create sustainable sources of capital
  • Develop a strategy for today that keeps tomorrow's dream clearly in focus
  • Lead by doing
  • Passion! Imagination! and Fun!

We Need You!

What are we doing today to move forward?

  • Recruit initial member corps with the passion needed to help launch the organization
  • Buildout the Space Corps web portal, member forum, and related tools
  • Attract, engage, and build a community of vibrant members
  • Establish advisory board
  • Develop 18 month roadmap